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Everest Law Solicitors, Limited



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    Lal Gurung img 5

    Am very impressed the way the Everest Law Solicitors, Limited has prepared, put up and handled the case, are totally committed, dedicated and absolute reliability. Took the matter seriously and gave 100% effort from start to end. It has considerable experience in wide range of immigration matters and high volume of success specially on the Gurkha and their family issues. Greatly appreciated and would like to thanks the Director and the entire team members. A great firm!

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    Rukesh Gurung img 5

    Experience service i would recommend 100% to anyone in need of legal assistance.. I will definitely contact them in future for any legal matters.

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    ratna gurung img 5

    Thank u Raju sir for ur help and support. Excellence service

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    padma pun img 5

    I am really happy about everything that you guys have done for me and my family. I'm totally satisfied from your work ,all the arrangements, documentation, response, in fact everything. Not only 5 star but if there was an option of 10 star I would have given 10+ , I want to thank the entire team of Everest law and solicitor on behalf of me and my entire family. Once again thank you so much, keep up the good work???????? I will definitely recommend your firm to my friends and family.

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    Santosh Rai img 5

    Thank you Raju Thapa Sir, Imran Ali Sir and entire team of Everest law solicitors for helping me to win my appeal. I will forever be greatful to you for your help