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Staines & Campbell Solicitors



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    Natalie img 5

    Reliable responsibly and always providing excellent work.

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    Waldemar Zommer img 5

    I am very satisfied with my solicitor Aneta Kapron. She is very professional, helpful and kind. I am very grateful for her excellent job.She responded on every email, text and call I had questions and concerns and I got answer. I highly recommended Mrs Aneta Kapron and Staines & Campbell Solicitors.

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    Agnieszka Wcislo img 5

    I do recommend MS. Aneta Kapron who not only helped to resolve our issue but she put so much effort and sacrificed her time to advise and explain everything in simple words. The quality of service is very high, as the lawyer was always available and very polite. Thank you so much!

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    Damian Wojnarowski img 5

    Staines & Campbell Solicitor it is professional and good quality layers.Mrs. Aneta Kapron one of the team members is a very responsive and helpful solisitor in the level on profession and on human been.

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    Mobeen img 5

    The staff member was very friendly, honest character on the advice provided, which is what we need when it comes to seeking legal advise. Also listened to the case attentively rather than calculating on how much to charge! Prices are however reasonable.