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Boof Restaurant



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    Sol Dee img 5

    As a Persian this is the only Persian restaurant in Ealing that I got to and order takeaway from. The food is great, and prepared to a high quality. The owner is a gentlemen and really cares about his customers. I would highly recommend to order to cater for dinner parties at home or for a nice authentic Persian meal.

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    Nawal Matlaoui img 5

    It’s a great experience. The ambiance is very welcoming and charming. Amazing food and service. Staff are extremely knowledgable and make great recommendations.

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    Ahmed Baset img 4

    Very tasty food with good portions. Had the mezes mixed option consisting of 5 traditional plates. 2 traditional aubergine based and one potato salad plate were unique and tasty, the humos and yogurt dips were good but nothing unusual. The bread with them was fresh baked and lovely. Also had the Lentil soup but wasn't overly impressed. The main had 2 skewers (one with minced lamb and the other, chicken & lamb cubes), the minced lamb in particular was very tasty and juicy going really well with the rice that came with the plate and the cubes were decent. The service was very polite and restaurant very clean

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    Zhanna Kom img 5

    Great restaurant with very good service. I had lovely dinner. Thanks ????.

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    mehdi singer img 2

    I remember i wedding there when they first open, it was wonderful experience, but my last and after 5 years visit again , I would not go back , staff where lovely , but it was worn down , there has been no maintenance for a very long time.e , chairs were torn apart, menue was disgusting, food was ok, but nothing special, I can't say bad thing about it but can't fault it either.