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    Chandni kaur img 4

    Last time I went to wagamama was probably 6 years ago and I didn't really like it as then there wasn't much vegan/vegetarian options even though they had tofu, the food still tasted rather bland and not much creativity or taste textures. After 6 years, I decided to try it again as i have been recommended by my friends to try out their new menu. I must say, it was actually completely opposite to how I remembered it. There's vegan ribs which is so worth trying, it was delicious! My main that I ordered however did lack in spice. I ended up adding a bit more soy sauces and other sauces that was left on the table to bring out some flavours. I wouldn't call it completely bland however it wasn't filled with spices either. Would I come back here? Yes I will definitely come back but making sure there's more spices added into the food. The staff were very polite as well. I had a good time&experience. They also had the vegan orange cake which I tried, really enjoyed it with some green tea.

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    Monica Jokun img 5

    Friendly staff. Excellent food. Excellent service. The white chocolate and ginger cheesecake is my all time favourite dessert! Highly recommended.

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    Zoran Duvnjak img 5

    Still not tired of the Burosa. The wok fried greens are delicious.

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    Chris Soosay img 5

    Lovely food made excellent by our excellent waiting staff David Havas who worked above and beyond what must waiting do in other restaurants.

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    anna smith img 5

    have great time in your restaurant yet again, amazing food and service